viernes, 29 de abril de 2011


Thanks to Rihanna and my dearest friend, Stephanie, I decided to try Artificial nails for the very first time.  I saw the nails on Rihanna and thought that it looked ok but it was really Steph that pushed me into getting it done. It seemed a little funny at first (and I must I admit I was quite hesitant) because I have always kept my nails short but after seeing Steph's (gel) nails look so good everyday, I had to satisfy my "Gel nail craving."  I termed the nails "Vulture nails" because of the sharp curve lol.  
I've had the nails in for a month now and I'm so loving it, what do you think of them? you wear artificial nails or your natural ones?

P.S. I'll be attending my first wedding of the year tomorrow YIPPIE!!! I still haven't found an outfit yet but "Where there's a will, there's a way..." (:
















An example of how I'm ALWAYS on my BB lol.

Grey Tunic: HM
Laced Bootie: TopShop
Accessories: most is from F21
Photographer: PaOsin

miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011

LA Wowzers

Here goes some of the looks like wowed me while I was in LA  ENJOY (:

What stood out to me about her look was her "Dress."  She turned an American Apparel skirt into a dress and created a very chic look.

I hunted this Australian beauty down at a Forever21 store.  This is very me and I can totally rock her look.

 My cousin and I literally had to chase this awesome model/makeup artist down LA downtown.  Her look reminds me old Hollywood/Glam.

lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

Out of Focus

HAPPY MONDAY my fashionistas, hope everyone had a happy Easter.  I celebrated mine with  Church in the morning and a hang out lunch with a few friends at Kobe's Japanesse Steak House...Yummy :-)

skinnyhipster 088

skinnyhipster 109_2

skinnyhipster 108

skinnyhipster 100

skinnyhipster 097

skinnyhipster 096

skinnyhipster 094

skinnyhipster 077

skinnyhipster 064

skinnyhipster 061

skinnyhipster 060

skinnyhipster 058

skinnyhipster 053

skinnyhipster 051

skinnyhipster 050

skinnyhipster 084

skinnyhipster 086

Don't let the warm smiles fool ya. It was very cold AND WINDY when I took these pictures (Hence the goosebumps on my hand) What can I say, I'm a dedicated blogger lol :-p

Poncho: Hm
Ankara Shorts: ValerieBlack
Grey Pumps: Aldo
Photographer: PaOsin